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What is Emsella?

BTL EMSELLA is a great option for women of any age who desire a non-invasive solution for urinary incontinence and improvement in the quality of their intimate life. Due to factors such as the body’s normal aging, childbirth or menopause, the pelvic floor muscles decondition and insufficiently support the pelvic organs. These factors directly correlate with urinary incontinence and decreased intimate satisfaction. The pelvic floor matters at any age! 

A breakthrough for
incontinence minor or major


Dealing with a weak pelvic floor and all its uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing symptoms can be challenging. It also can be difficult to reach out for help because of the symptoms you are dealing with. If you are experiencing a symptom of a weak pelvic floor, you are not alone. Many patients experience this after pregnancy, childbirth and during the time of the menopause.

• No injections

• Good for everyone

• Non invasive

• Safe


Non invasive whole core treatment

The Medished offers the complete full body hands free technology experience, from Emsculpt to Emsella. Core to floor therapy is the first preventative and corrective solution to address your entire core muscle group by improving your strength and balance.


Emsella chair and EMSculpt are used to strengthen, firm and tone your abdomen and pelvic floor muscles and pelvic floor dysfunction.


The result is increased muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia and restoration of neuromuscular control, which can improve your strength, balance and incontinence….the ultimate, non-surgical, pelvic floor treatment.


Say no to intimate discomfort - say yes to emsella


 I sneeze, I run… I can just do all kinds of exercise now, I can do them with a lot more confidence than I could before... it's freeing, very freeing, to be able to just do what you want to do again. 

Thankyou Dr Dil!


After 2 deliveries, I finally felt that my muscles are firmer and I can enjoy my intimate life again! I highly recommend trying Emsella.

Thank you Dr Dil!


Before, I was getting up 4 - 5 times a night to go to a bathroom. It seems like it's still improving. Even in past few weeks some nights I have not had to get up at all. And it’s awesome.

Thank you Dr Dil!





Remain fully clothed



suitable for anyone

The very latest Hands Free technology - why we go to The Medished 

Five facts about incontinence

Running Happily

One-third of incontinent women between 45 and 50 avoid sport

Incontinence can be often connected to psychological issues

Undiagnosed incontinence
can lead to loss of
self-confidence in 54%

...and loss of intimacy in 45% of cases

Our Solution - 95% patient satisfaction

Is Emsella right for me?

Yes, Emsella is a suitable for both women and men, any age and suffer from urinary incontinence. This easy treatment really will made a difference and give you lots of confidence. A consultation is the first step, treatment takes about 30 minutes and you will need about 6/7 sessions at £1500, scheduled twice a week. You will experience tingling and pelvic floor muscle contractions during the procedure. You may resume daily activities immediately after the treatment. You may observe improvement after a single session. The results will typically continue to improve over the next few weeks.

Are you...

A mum that needs care after delivery

An active women but suffering from urinary incontinence

A women with decreased intimate satisfaction

Are you someone who wants to do 11,200 kegal exercises in 28 minutes 

If you answered “yes”, then BTL Emsella is right for you!

Emsella Info graphic.png

BTL EMSELLA uses electromagnetic energy to cause deep pelvic floor muscle stimulation without getting undressed!

A single BTL EMSELLA session brings thousands of Kegel-like contractions which help you train your muscles without any effort. Scientific research shows that 95% of incontinent patients reported significant improvement in day-to-day life and 85% improvement was observed in overall intimate satisfaction.*

Emsellar Grapghic pulse.png

Enjoy the core to floor family - Emsella and Emsculpt

Emsella is here and available now, why not combine with Emsculpt, and enjoy the very latest technology available today. Consultation is key and I am here to help you every step of the way. Don't let incontinence ruin your life, book a consultation today.

Benfits of BTL Emsella

• A non-invasive procedure with no recovery time

• Remain fully clothed during treatment

• Restores bladder and pelvic muscle
controlwithout time consuming exercises

• A comfortable procedure that lets you
relaxduring the 28-minute treatment

• You may observe improvement after
a single session. Results will typically continue
improving over the next few weeks

• Tangible results after about six sessions,
scheduled twice a week.


The Medished process

What is the treatment protocol?

  • I would perform a full medical/lifestyle/diet consultation to see if you were a suitable candidate and have realistic goals.

  • Emsella is safe and effective for patients of all of every age.

  • Six treatments are performed, two a week, for 3 weeks.

When will I see results?

  • Patients will feel the treatment results even after the first appointment. As the treatments progress, they will notice changes in their pelvic floor muscles and life will gradually become easier.

  • After the 6 treatments full results are noticed at 3 months when we review to see if more treatments are needed. Every patient is reviewed and patients are reporting 95% satisfaction.


Is it painful?

  • This is not a painful treatment, actually the opposite. Emsella is doing 11,200 Kegel exercises for you. Speaking from experience it's a 30 minutes well spent!


Why choose DrDil?

• I am an experienced cosmetic dentist with over twenty four years of expertise, now specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patient safety is central to my practice

• I combine my excellent understanding of facial anatomy and medical knowledge with an artistic eye. My skill lies in assessing your features and proportions and creating the right treatment approach based on your individual needs and concerns

• I specialise in high quality, expert-led skincare and non-invasive “tweakments” to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing

• Reputation is one of my core values, which means no time-limited treatment offers, proper cooling-off periods for treatment consideration and full aftercare and support

• I am known for my discreet, natural approach – I believe that when treatments are done well, you get that well-rested, glowing appearance which others can’t help but compliment!

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