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Slow your cellular ageing with scientist formulated Nuchido TIME+ supplements.

Hi everyone, I want to talk to you today about how we can slow cellular ageing via supplementation as it's an area of medicine I'm super passionate about. As a population we are living longer....but how do we improve our quality of life? We know diet, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, and SPF! play a huge part in disease control and cellular ageing but can we improve this with supplementation? I speak from a personal level... as in the last 10 years I've watched helplessly as my mum who had always lived life with an excellent diet, daily yoga practice, good lifestyle slowly succumbing to multiple age-related illnesses which has deteriorated her quality of life. I'm sure many of us see family relatives suffering in one way or another which is very upsetting for all of us.

So let's try and help ourselves positively and improve our cellular ageing so we can live life well for longer! I personally have introduced Nuchido TIME+ into my supplementation regime so I wanted to share my knowledge with you about this wonder product. As with everything we introduce to The Medi-Shed it needs to be evidence based, scientifically researched and backed with clinical trials - and Nuchido TIME+ certainly is. Ageing is part of life, it steals our looks, health and independence.... we now know that it can be slowed down and reversed with NAD+ supplementation via Nuchido TIME+ available via the W-Wellness portal at The Medi-Shed.

".... the real goal of reversing ageing to improve the number of years we live in good health"

-Nicola Conlon, co-founder of Nuchido

WHAT IS NAD+ The science

NAD+ is found in every cell in the body and high NAD+ levels are needed to maintain cellular health. NAD+ converts nutrients in food into cellular energy. NAD+ levels decline with age (halving every 20 years). If we supplement NAD+.... we help the cell's natural ability to restore, produce and recycle NAD+ which increases the precursor material available to the cell for making NAD+, reduces wastage of NAD+ so it can power cellular health pathways:)

I personally take it daily to boost my health and even reduce my biological age. NAD+ is found in every cell in our bodies. It super charges our mitrochondrial cells which are the energy power houses in our cells. With higher NAD+ levels we have more brain and physical energy and can also help with weight management. Nuchido Time+ works by dealing with the root cause NAD+ decline allowing your own body to repair itself... how absolutely amazing is that!!



It is never to early or to late to think about enhancing your NAD+ levels (as the majority of people have an NAD+ deficiency). For those in their 20's and 30's Nuchido TIME+ can be used preventatively to maintain your NAD+ levels, and provide extra cellular support during busy or stressful periods. For those in their 40's and beyond Nuchido TIME+ works to restore youthful NAD+ production and repair cellular damage that has accumulated.


Unlike many products, Nuchido TIME+ is clinically proven to reverse ageing at the cellular level. So even if you don't immediately feel a benefit, rest assured that it is working beneath the surface to improve your cellular health. I will now explain the timeline.

Days 0-7 - Your NAD + levels significantly increase within 7 days, so even in the first week, your cells will utilise this NAD+ to increase energy production. Unlike stimulants such as coffee, Nuchido TIME+ is working to restore energy production at a cellular level.

Days 7-28 - Your NAD+ levels will continue to rise during this period. As your NAD + levels continue to increase cellular maintenance and repair pathways will be switched on.

It's really important to make sure you continue to take your daily Nuchido TIME+ to maintain the repair benefits.

Days 28+ By now your natural NAD + production pathways will have been reactivated. This means your cells can use and recycle NAD+ the same way they did when you were young.

Levels of inflammation in your body will decline and NAD+ will be directed towards stimulating cellular repair and regeneration.

The science behind this product gives me goose bumps!! as supplementation and medical aesthetic treatments that target the cellular level for my patients are really the future of regenerative medicine:)

Our Partnership with W-Wellness

We are excited to partner with W-Wellness, the UK's first expert-led well-being platform. This collaboration allows us to offer our clients bespoke wellness solutions, tailored to individual needs, at any stage of their wellness journey.

W-Wellness provides a comprehensive resource for wellness advice and information, including access to results-driven supplements and vitamins. All products are backed by quality research and curated by a team of leading nutritional experts. Nuchido TIME+ is available via the W-Wellness portal at The Medi-Shed.

We are "restoring wellness through medical aesthetics" at The Medi-Shed.

Important to note: if your needs are more than just from a wellbeing perspective it's important to consult your doctor.

I hope your have found this blog helpful,

With love,

Dil x

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