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Tooth grinding

As a dentist I know that people clench or grind their teeth without realising. The medical term is bruxism. This may occur during sleep, while concentrating or when stressed. Although this may not have any consequence some people get an increase in size of the chewing muscle (masseter muscle) resulting in giving their lower jaw a bulky appearance and affecting the shape of their face. Botulinum toxin can be used to reduce the grinding and in turn help to slim the jaw line.


Diagnosis is key to a good outcome, Its important to treat the cause not the symptom. Not all patients are suitable. Assessment is key to a successful outcome long term. 

If you suffer from this condition, please make an appointment for a consultation to discuss your concerns, assess suitability and consider treatment options.

Tooth Grinding



A large masseter muscle in the jaw can be there ​genetically​ or ​adaptively. 

Genetically – means that you were born with the tendency of a larger muscle..which in case botox is a good treatment option… and can lead to jaw line slimming. 

Adaptively – means than you may be using the masseter muscle more than normal..potentially due to tooth grinding or a dental occlusion that is not quite right. Botox will help the problem but ultimately when the botox wears off the pain and grinding will be back.


This is why seeing a practitioner with a dental background is even more important as you may need a splint or mouthguard constructed for you.

Tooth grinding jawline sliming

Why choose DrDil?

• I am an experienced cosmetic dentist with over twenty four years of expertise, now specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patient safety is central to my practice

• I combine my excellent understanding of facial anatomy and medical knowledge with an artistic eye. My skill lies in assessing your features and proportions and creating the right treatment approach based on your individual needs and concerns

• I specialise in high quality, expert-led skincare and non-invasive “tweakments” to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing

• Reputation is one of my core values, which means no time-limited treatment offers, proper cooling-off periods for treatment consideration and full aftercare and support

• I am known for my discreet, natural approach – I believe that when treatments are done well, you get that well-rested, glowing appearance which others can’t help but compliment!

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