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Pigmentation and sun damage

The colour of skin in determined by the type and amount of melanin that is produced by melanocytes in the epidermis of the skin. The number of melanocytes we have are the same across all races, but your pigmentation is due to the type of melanin you produce, and this is genetically determined. Melanin protects skin cells and their DNA by absorbing the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UVR).

Hyperpigmentation is what results when there is increased production of melanin. This will cause the skin to appear darkened either in small areas (dark spots) or large areas (patches). Hyperpigmentation can affect all skin types but those with darker skin tones are more susceptible. 


The three main causes of

Hyperpigmentation are:


Photodamage (sun damage)

Your skin can have irregular pigmentation, including freckles, age spots and uneven skin tone. This can be caused by long-term exposure to sun or tanning beds and inadequate sun protection. Daily use SPF is essential.



This is characterised by symmetrical patches that appear on sun-exposed areas of the skin, most often the forehead, cheeks, bridge of nose, upper lip and chin. The causes can include genetics and hormones present during pregnancy or the use of the contraceptive pills or long-term UV exposure.


Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

These are brown patches found in areas of the skin that have been subjected to trauma, inflammation or both. The commonest causes are acne, eczema, psoriasis or laser burns.


  • Skin can be rejuvenated from the inside-out, with prescription-strength Hydroquinone, Vitamin C and vitamin A.  Medical Grade skincare by Obagi Nuderm and Obagi CRX kit is highly effective.

  • Medical Grade Skincare by Skinbetter Science. Tone correcting serum is a non-hydroquinone multi-action pigment corrector. The serum can come as part of the 'skin rejuvenating kit'

  • Medical microneedling with Skin Pen

  • Chemical Peels


Consultation is essential to determine the right treatment plan. If you’re interested, please get in touch.


Why choose DrDil?

• I am an experienced cosmetic dentist with over twenty four years of expertise, now specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patient safety is central to my practice

• I combine my excellent understanding of facial anatomy and medical knowledge with an artistic eye. My skill lies in assessing your features and proportions and creating the right treatment approach based on your individual needs and concerns

• I specialise in high quality, expert-led skincare and non-invasive “tweakments” to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing

• Reputation is one of my core values, which means no time-limited treatment offers, proper cooling-off periods for treatment consideration and full aftercare and support

• I am known for my discreet, natural approach – I believe that when treatments are done well, you get that well-rested, glowing appearance which others can’t help but compliment!

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