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Jowls and Jawline

Jowls and a sagging jawline can be a frustrating and unwelcome sign of aging. At the Medi-shed, we understand that every face is different and that's why we offer a personalised approach to treating the lower face. Our state-of-the-art Evoke device uses the latest radio frequency technology to contour the lower face and chin, providing a non-invasive and comfortable treatment option for those who are not ready for surgery or more invasive procedures.


Unlike other treatments, Evoke is hands-free, making it a comfortable option for patients. The radio frequency technology used in Evoke is known for its skin tightening and collagen stimulating benefits, making it the "holy grail" for skin tightening. Not only does it help with jowl and chin fat reduction, but it also remodels the skin, resulting in a lifted and defined lower face and jawline.

I will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan that will help you achieve the results you desire. Whether you're looking to treat jowls, sagging skin under the chin, or both, Evoke treatment can help.


Don't let the signs of aging hold you back any longer, schedule your consultation today and experience the benefits of Evoke for yourself!

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Jowls and Jawline 

The inverted triangle face

Jowls and Jawline.png

As we age we begin to see signs of gravity as the lower 1/3 of our face which becomes heavier in the jowls and sub-mental (under the chin) areas. The middle 1/3 of our face also loses volume and we can experience gravitational and skeletal changes.

My patient approach

Skin health

Medical grade skincare – OBAGI, ZO Better Science, SBS, AnteAGE

Skin tightening & remodelling


Strategic volumisation

Dermal fillers

Tighten, rejuvenate with ease

'Optimise your Skin health first, skintighten with evoke followed strategic volumistaion with dermal fillers'.

Dr Dil

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Evoke is the first-ever facial remodeling device to tighten, rejuvenate, and slenderise the tissues of the lower face and neck. Evoke by InMode is an innovative and groundbreaking facial remodeling technology that restructures the skin and underlying adipose tissues in your face and neck regions. The Evoke treatment allows you to improve your facial structure without surgeries, incisions, or injections. Best results seen at 3 months. 




Dermal fillers

Restoring volume for a fuller, more youthful appearance.Over time there we all lose volume in our face and lips. Dermal fillers offer a non-surgical treatment to help restore a youthful fullness to your face. 

Fillers are popular treatments used restore lost volume and soften wrinkles caused naturally by ageing. Combined with a local anaesthetic, dermal fillers are injected into the skin to give your face a natural volume, leaving your skin completely hydrated and youthful.
Popular areas to add volume are the cheeks, chin and temples, in addition, added definition can be carried out on lips and jawlines

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Medical Grade Skincare

Prescription product like Obagi, ZO, Skinbetter Science and AnteAGE target the epidermis, through to the dermis and transform your skin’s health to look brighter, clearer, softer, smoother, firmer and naturally younger! They are also highly effective at treating skin conditions like Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Acne. Only available through a qualified medical practitioner, Obagi, ZO and Skinbetter Science have developed a range of products and skin care systems which I could prescribed to you after a thorough consultation and analysis of your skin is made at the first meeting at my skin clinic. 

Why choose DrDil?

• I am an experienced cosmetic dentist with over twenty four years of expertise, now specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patient safety is central to my practice

• I combine my excellent understanding of facial anatomy and medical knowledge with an artistic eye. My skill lies in assessing your features and proportions and creating the right treatment approach based on your individual needs and concerns

• I specialise in high quality, expert-led skincare and non-invasive “tweakments” to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing

• Reputation is one of my core values, which means no time-limited treatment offers, proper cooling-off periods for treatment consideration and full aftercare and support

• I am known for my discreet, natural approach – I believe that when treatments are done well, you get that well-rested, glowing appearance which others can’t help but compliment!

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