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Profhilo Treatment in London - The MediShed By Dr Dil in Battersea

Profhilo Treatment: Hyaluronic Acid Therapy at The MediShed Clinic in London

If you're looking to revitalise your skin and achieve a more youthful appearance, look no further than Profhilo treatment at The MediShed by Dr. Dil, a renowned skincare clinic in Battersea & Wandsworth, London.

Infused with the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid, this cutting-edge therapy is your ticket to radiant, rejuvenated skin. It's no secret that London life can leave its mark on your complexion, but with Profhilo's unique ability to not just hydrate but also remodel aging and sagging tissue, your skin will be saying 'cheerio' to dullness and hello to a refreshed, vibrant appearance.


At our welcoming Battersea clinic, we believe in personalising your skincare, and Profhilo is as bespoke as it gets. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the skin, is celebrated for retaining moisture and improving skin elasticity; and when carefully introduced through Profhilo treatment, the results are nothing short of impressive. Imagine stepping out onto the London streets, your skin not just hydrated but visibly lifted and firm — that's the promise of hyaluronic acid therapy at The MediShed.


Now, you might have heard about hyaluronic acid, but Profhilo is its sophisticated relative, a true game-changer in aesthetic treatments. Unlike traditional fillers, Profhilo hydrates from within, stimulating your body's own production of collagen and elastin in. Moreover, the elegance of this treatment lies in its simplicity and the minimal downtime, allowing you to dive back into your London routine in no time!


We understand that when it comes to aesthetic treatments in London, trust is key. That's why The MediShed by Dr. Dil ensures an experience that prioritises your comfort and confidence. Dr. Dil's expertise in hyaluronic acid therapies like Profhilo sets the stage for a treatment that not only enhances natural beauty but also caters to the individual needs of your skin. You're in expert hands here, taking a profound step towards that coveted effortless London glow.


Embrace the benefits of hyaluronic acid, a cornerstone of modern aesthetic medicine, and let Profhilo be the elixir that unveils a younger, glowing complexion. Whether you're near Battersea, Wandsworth, or elsewhere in London, the door to age-defying beauty is open at The MediShed. Experience the magic of Profhilo treatment in London, and prepare to be enchanted by the seamless fusion of science and beauty.

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The Profhilo Procedure: What to Expect During Your 30-Minute Treatment at Our London Clinic

When it comes to rejuvenating your skin with elegance and efficiency, the Profhilo procedure at our London clinic shines as a beacon of innovative skincare. This 30-minute treatment is a treasure trove for those seeking to lavish their skin with a youthful glow. Profhilo injections, performed with meticulous care, introduce high concentrations of hyaluronic acid to your skin, crafting a canvas of radiance that speaks for itself.

As you step into the inviting atmosphere of The MediShed by Dr. Dil, your Profhilo journey commences with a warm welcome, indicative of the personalised experience that awaits. Sit back and relax as our expert practitioners in Battersea and Wandsworth, renowned for their gentle touch, prepare to administer the Profhilo injections with the utmost precision. Each of the carefully placed injections targets strategic areas, ensuring that the Profhilo's magic is distributed evenly, summoning forth the skin's inherent elasticity and firmness.

Your foray into the Profhilo procedure in our London clinic is much more than a treatment; it's a 30-minute retreat that pampers your skin while you soak in the serene clinic environment. This treatment is not just about injections; it's about experiencing a slice of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of London life, knowing you've entrusted your skin to the adept hands at our London clinic.

Whether you're popping in during a lunch break or making a dedicated trip, our London clinic is ready to ensure that every second of your 30-minute treatment with Profhilo injections is as comfortable as it is transformative.

It's time to experience firsthand why Londoners are turning to Profhilo injections at our clinic, where every 30-minute treatment concludes with your face being refreshed, rehydrated, and remarkably rejuvenated.

Dil is extremely knowledgeable about skincare, in particular advising on treatments plans with ZO. We have now also moved on to rejuvenation treatments with subtle fillers and Botox, which has really boosted my confidence.

Samantha Porter

I am a regular client of Dr Dil and wouldn’t hesitate to highly recommend her services. I feel relaxed about my appointments, knowing I get quality treatment. She is always careful to listen to any questions I have and perform procedures tailored to my specific needs.


I have known Dil for over 2 years
She has changed how I look as a woman who has been through so much -my skin is radiant with the products I was prescribed – I look younger by at least 5 years – it’s a treat for any woman to look after herself and look in the mirror and say” I look great”
It’s fantastic to have no frown lines crows lines and look amazing!
I can’t rate her highly enough as a professional myself – she treats people individually and listens to what people what they don’t like about wrinkles and how to just look radiant in the stressful life we are living


The Medished process

Profhilo vs. Traditional Treatments: Why Choose Profhilo for Your Skin?

Unlike conventional therapies that target only surface issues, Profhilo treats the skin holistically. This innovative treatment is making waves in London for its ability to hydrate from within and initiate bio-remodelling of the skin's structure, resulting in a supple, youthful bounce that is hard to match.

The science behind Profhilo's magic lies in its high concentration of hyaluronic acid, respected for its moisture-retaining prowess. As such, Profhilo transcends the capabilities of regular treatments, providing an unparalleled level of hydration that can dramatically transform skin quality. Profhilo isn't just a temporary fix; it's a profound treatment that excels in improving skin tone, texture, and elasticity. This can be particularly noticeable around areas that first betray signs of aging, such as the face and neck. It’s no surprise that in London's high-paced lifestyle, Profhilo is the favoured sanctuary for skin care, delivering results that speak volumes.

Moreover, the gentleness of Profhilo sets itself apart in the realm of skin treatments. While other treatments might require downtime or have extensive post-treatment instructions, Profhilo is celebrated for its minimal invasiveness. This means you can resume your daily life immediately post-treatment, which is essential for the ever-busy Londoners. At our Battersea & Wandsworth clinic, your Profhilo treatment is a luxurious experience that not only pampers your skin but also respects your time.

So, why choose Profhilo for your skin? It's simple: Profhilo offers a transformational experience – one where the visible results and improved skin quality are compelling reasons to make it a staple in your beauty regime. With Profhilo, we at The MediShed By Dr Dil promise you a journey toward radiant skin that's infused with health, vitality, and that coveted London glow.

Frequently asked questions

Am I suitable for Profhilo treatment?

Profhilo treatment is suitable for anyone who is over 18 years of age who are experiencing issues with skin laxity. It is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, or those who have a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.

How long does the effects of Profhilo last?

The effects of Profhilo treatment last for around 4-6 months after your second treatment. To help maintain the effects of Profhilo we recommend that you have a treatment every 9-12 months.

What can Profhilo treat?

Profhilo is used to treat skin laxity and is ideal for those suffering with loose, wrinkled and crepey looking skin on the face, neck and arms for example.

How long does Profhilo treatment take?

Your procedure time can take up to 30 mins

Does Profhilo have any side effects?

The risk of side effects after Profhilo treatment is low but you may experience mild redness, pain, itching, discolouration or tenderness at the injection sites but they will quickly fade.

Does Profhilo treatment hurt?

Profhilo is an injectable treatment but it uses a very fine needle so you should not be able to feel too much.

Does Profhilo have any side effects?

The risk of side effects after Profhilo treatment is low but you may experience mild redness, pain, itching, discolouration or tenderness at the injection sites but they will quickly fade.

How long does the effects of Profhilo treatment last?

The effects of Profhilo last for around 4-6 months after your second treatment. To help maintain the effects of Profhilo we recommend that you have a maintenance treatment every 4 months or repeat the 2 treatments twice a year.

Why Dr Dil

Why choose DrDil?

• I am an experienced cosmetic dentist with over twenty four years of expertise, now specialising in non-surgical facial rejuvenation. Patient safety is central to my practice

• I combine my excellent understanding of facial anatomy and medical knowledge with an artistic eye. My skill lies in assessing your features and proportions and creating the right treatment approach based on your individual needs and concerns

• I specialise in high quality, expert-led skincare and non-invasive “tweakments” to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing

• Reputation is one of my core values, which means no time-limited treatment offers, proper cooling-off periods for treatment consideration and full aftercare and support

• I am known for my discreet, natural approach – I believe that when treatments are done well, you get that well-rested, glowing appearance which others can’t help but compliment!

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