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Grazia Dr Dil Define


Define by Inmode – first to offer the treatment in the UK


Grazia journalist writes about the latest technology in the quest for the perfect complexion. If it's good enough for Victoria Beckham...

Dr Dil demonstrates the power of Define, a multi-combination treatment that is catching everyone's attention. 

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Skin ready for Strictly

Look who came to visit me at the MediShed to start a new skincare regime! The beautiful @DianneBuswell who is now in love with her Obagi-C RX System. Ideal for those who have hyper pigmentation, sun damage, age spots or uneven skin tone.


The system containing a cleansing gel, clarifying serum, exfoliating day lotion, SPF 50 cream and a night cream will be sure to get Dianne's skin looking its absolute best for the ballroom!


She was so pleased she posted a story on her Insta about her visit to the MediShed and Hello! Magazine wrote an article about it!


Another patient converted to this amazing range.

Read Dianne's skin secrets here


Dr Dil views on whats new and essential in 2022 is an online lifestyle magazine featuring news and views on the latest and most desirable fashion, beauty, wellness and lifestyle products. I recently was invited to share my thoughts in the GOLD Edition, Skincare in 2022 feature that focuses on 'What's New & What's essential. Go take a look at what I say about 'Myths to Ignore in 2022...

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Everything you need to know about... Jawline Treatments - Grazia

Dr Dil Kassam is one of the few practitioners to offer Evoke - a revolutionary treatment using thermal radio frequency energy to penetrate the skin and regenerate new collagen. Dil says ‘Evoke is the first-ever facial remodeling device to tighten, rejuvenate, and slenderise the tissues of the lower face and neck. It can be used on any skintype/tone/colour, unlike lasers, which is great as there won't be any pigmentation issues for patients.

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Dil Grazia
BB-Autumn-2022-Jawline Enhancements

Dr Dil recommends radiofrequency

In the latest Autumn issue of the online go-to magazine 'beauty Uncovered' for the latest on skincare, surgery, injectables, face and body procedures. Dr Dil shares her views on her chosen way to enhance the jawline - using hand free technology that produces stunning results

Read the lates article here

Would you try a no-knife facelift?

Strictly's Shirly Ballas reveals in the Daily Express her radiant look thanks to non-surgical facial rejuvenation, aesthetics guru – and the expert behind Shirley's new glow – Dr Judy Todd explains all you need to know before you take the plunge. Highlighted in the 'Top Treatments' section EVOKE is mentioned with expert knowledge and experience Dr Dil. 

Read how EVOKE could be for you

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