Dr Dil's Top Tips about The Skinbetterscience Skincare Range At The Medished!

Updated: Feb 18

I've had Skinbetterscience medical grade skin care at the Medished for nearly 2 years now and have been really impressed with the results and feedback from my patients.

I'm only writing about them now as here at the Medished I believe waiting to see REAL results so I can ethically and confidently recommend skincare products to my patients.

Before taking on a new skincare line it's really important to me to make sure that the claims the products make are backed by science and with decades of research this brand certainly has that. Skinbetterscience products are heavily researched, formulated and packaged to deliver remarkable and an uncomplicated approach to skincare!

Skinbetter science products are also fantastic for daily maintenance after an Obagi Nuderm or C-RX skin transformation system. These great products can be prescribed to you after a thorough consultation and analysis of your skin (currently only online). So lets dive in and discuss the fantastic products I available here at the Medished!

Their flagship groundbreaking collection "Rejuvenate" is supported by their Protect,Transform and Refresh collections. I will now discuss some of my favourites with you!


Now this is a new groundbreaking product that does something no other product on the market does.It combines alpha hydroxy acids with a retinoid (vitaminA) to make a new molecule that is an ideal combination for skin rejuvenation with little to no irritation! Hence NO downtime! Alpharet improves your skin tone, texture, lines and wrinkles and is intended for use at night ensuring that daily SPF is being used in the day. This product is perfect for those patients that may have struggled with retinol/retinoid use due to the downtime that can sometimes be associated.


This product is a scientifically advanced, award winning antioxidant serum. By combining Vitamin C and 18 additional antioxidant ingredients this product helps to provide daily protection and improvement of uneven tone and texture of the skin.