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Exciting News - Coming Soon... The Medi-Shed 2.0!!

Updated: Mar 5

Hi everyone!!

I'm delighted to share some wonderful news with you all. For the last few months I’ve been working to build a new clinic space at 81 Nightingale Lane SW12 8NX, something totally unique in terms of patient experience and we can’t wait to welcome you through the doors soon! I’m creating a medical aesthetic wellness centre of excellence. So it’s time to say a fond farewell to my trusty work horse The Medi-Shed after over a decade where hundreds of patients have enjoyed upgrading themselves for ever:) - it’s now time for The Medished to get its own upgrade!

However there is a back story for this... as most of my patients know. Back in 2019 we found out that the basement in our house had to be completely ripped out because it had never been ‘tanked’ -ie no waterproofing! This turned into a five year nightmare of builders and insurance trying to fix it but in December 2022 being told our house had to be completely demolished and rebuilt. Cue A-LOT of tears from me that day… while also trying to remember there were far more serious problems going on in the world..

Luckily The Medished was untouched as that’s a listed coach house from the olden days when property was built well! As my general default is a positive mental attitude it forced me to work even harder. The business grew and grew thanks to all my wonderful loyal patients.

This whole process made me realise I needed to break away from the house and continue to build a brand that will be there for years to come. Last month we completed on a wonderful new property (after loosing 3 others - 4th time lucky) a beautiful listed building … and while it’s currently a building site… I can already see the colourful clinic it’s going to become. I can’t wait to welcome you all into your new home! I’m a listed building control expert now!

DID YOU KNOW - The property was built around 1846, the terrace is Grade II listed and the property used to be a dispensing chemist! Pictured is the original mirror from that era still in situ… ‘Prescriptions Prepared’ in beautiful gilt writing…. Well it seems this is the perfect new home for The Medished:)) Here is a video of how the property looked when I picked up the keys!

I started The Medished with a mission of restoring wellness through aesthetics to help patients look and feel their best. The Medi-Shed offers an approachable environment, where patients receive high-quality, expert-led skincare, non-invasive facial and body tweakments to restore beauty and revive inner wellbeing.

I am committed to patient education and outstanding outcomes using the highest quality and scientifically proven products and technology. Thank you to every single patient who chooses the Medished and recommends us for their treatments. I am very grateful💚

Here is a video of the current internal build status for everyone asking! We even found an old victorian fireplace hidden away that we are restoring...a labour of love:)

Thank-you to lovely loyal patients for always being there for me! And remember - when life gives you lemons… it’s best to turn them into the best cocktails ever😃😂🍋. To be continued The Medished 2.0…..🫶🏼

I will keep you updated and let you know when we are moving!

With love, Dil x

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