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Get glowing skin with Obagi's new Skintrinsiq device - available here at The Medished!

It's no surprise to my patients that I LOVE everything associated with Obagi skincare, so when they launched their new device called Skintrinsiq this year I knew immediately that it would benefit my patients' skin health. I founded my practice on the core principle around skin health so much so it's our tagline and the message is up in lights for you all to see! Currently, the only other Skintrinsiq device available in London is in Harrods! So luckily you don't have to trek there.... just come to the Medished!


The Obagi Skintrinsiq device is backed by 30 years of scientific skincare research and development by the experts at OBAGI. Its innovative pneumatic technology gently lifts your skin to open channels into its surface layers. The Skintrinsiq device extracts impurities to deeply cleanse your skin and then infuses proven Obagi products through those open channels. When the vacuum is removed, the channels close to lock the products into your skin where they can’t be rubbed away and will continue to work after your treatment is over.

Benefits of the Obagi Skintrinsiq device include:

  • It is a relaxing, spa-like facial experience

  • Deeply cleanses the skin by extracting impurities

  • It is backed by 30 years of medical skincare expertise

  • It can be customized for individual skincare needs

  • The device allows for an optional simultaneous LED light treatment to help you reach your skincare goals

  • No downtime and perfect any time of the year especially when you want to look extra fabulous!

How long does a Skintrinsiq treatment take?

Obagi designed Skintrinsiq treatments to deliver maximum benefits while still fitting into your busy life. Most Skintrinsiq treatments take less than 30 minutes.

What results should I expect and how long will they last?

Many people notice their skin looks brighter and more vibrant even after one treatment. The thoroughly infused product benefits can last for several days. To get the most from your Skintrinsiq treatments, continue to use your Obagi skincare routine at home. One Skintrinsiq treatment every month can accelerate and enhance the results you’ll see with your home routine.

What types of skin are appropriate for a Skintrinsiq treatment?

There are Skintrinsiq treatment protocols that work well for all skin types.

What are the treatment protocols available with Skintrinsiq?

  • Antioxidant: to refresh and revitalize the skin. Great for fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, age spots, and acne scars.

  • Clarifying: to improve oily, blemish-prone skin and reduce the appearance of congested pores. Fantastic for my Acne prone patients.

  • Brightening: to reveal a more even and radiant complexion. We use vitamin C-RX serums and hydroquinone to achieve even-toned skin. Great for fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damage, and age spots.

  • Firming: to support resilience and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. We use the heavily researched Obagi Elastiderm facial serum in this protocol and it's great for fine lines, wrinkles, and loose skin.

What are the stages of a Skintrinsiq treatment?


Impurities and debris that have built up on the skin’s surface will be gently vacuumed away to make the skin better able to fully absorb the infusion of Obagi skin care products.


Some of Obagi’s most popular antioxidant and skin rejuvenation products will be applied to the skin to enhance its health and protection while renewing its appearance.


The Skintrinsiq™ device will be gently guided along the skin to deliver the benefits of blue and red light therapy.


After the Obagi skin care products have been delivered to the skin, they are “locked” in so they can continue enhancing collagen and elastin, ultimately helping the skin to renew itself long after the treatment has been performed.

What is the cost of a Skintrinsiq treatment?


So in conclusion, the Skintrinsiq treatment process is known to provide patients with a relaxing experience... after all, we all love a bit of wellness in our crazy chaotic lives. The procedure is completely non-invasive but packs a punch and delivers real results. No downtime or recovery will be necessary after the Skintrinsiq facial treatment... so this is why we invest in the best technology here at the Medished! It really is time to upgrade your skin forever!!

We are now taking bookings so contact Jamie to get yourself on the waiting list:)

With love,

Dil x

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