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Give Your Skin The Bounce Back It Deserves! 10 years Of Clinical Studies By Obagi

I'm actually so impressed with the ELASTIderm Facial Serum Obagi that I've decided to give it its own blog! Here at the Medished I believe waiting to see REAL results so I can ethically and confidently recommend skincare products to my patients.

This serum by Obagi is designed to give your skin its bounce back. While collagen is designed to stop the skin pulling too far, elastin is what bounces the skin back, so if your skin is sagging or it isn't tight that may be due to a reduction elastic capability.


ELASTIderm facial serum helps to tighten, hydrate and smooth the appearance of the skin, so it's an all round fantastic anti-ageing serum.

This wonder product replenishs the elastin to give your skin a tighter appearance. It helps with fine lines and wrinkles and even pore size, especially in difficult areas like around the mouth and neck that can get thin creepy skin which is very difficult to treat alone (normally

needs multiple modalities to treat lower face areas).

This product is perfect for any patient that feels like they suffer with their skin in the lower face region, around the mouth, jawline and neck. Now while I can address some of these issues with injectables, injectables alone are not enough as we can't add too much volume to these areas as otherwise the face can look overdone. This serum is a really good solution for the textural skin issues that many of us can have especially in the lower face.

The technology behind this product is unbelievable and the clinical studies are immense... in fact the serum has had the most clinical studies ever done on any Obagi product in the last ten years so that's certainly saying something!


The serum creates elastin, now that's nothing too special.. it's more about how its organised. So think of elastin as the fibres within a wollen jumper ..if we just create more of them and its not organised we don't get good support and structure. The serum not only creates organises it! In other words physically tightening the skin..AMAZING in my opinion.

Some of the before and after pictures are amazing, there's no down time and the serum is specifically noticably effective around the mouth, neck and forehead.

This serum is an excellent addition for anyone having a Profhilo or an injectable treatment and even for anyone that doesn't have any major skin concerns.. but just wants one amazing product that can help from an anti-ageing or preventative perspective and wants bang for buck!

Personally I'm starting with this serum now from a preventative point of view as I want to keep my elastin..I don't want to wait for it to go. I'm also trialling it on my hands as they are very dry and wrinkled currently from all the hand washing!

In conclusion I'm really impressed with the time and clinical studies that have gone into developing this wonder product and I'm sure all my patient will love it!

The serum is priced at £160 and available via The Medished.

Love Dil x

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