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Meet EMSCULPT.. The World's Leading Non-Invasive Body Contouring System Here At The Medished!

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

As you know, I always keep my eye open for new and exciting treatments for you and this is a great addition to your Skinhealth programme portfolio. Emsculpt is a revolutionary technology, very popular in the States, that builds muscle and burns fat, delivering the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in a comfortable 30 minute session! With no downtime. The benefit of using Emsulpt is to feel better, healthier and stronger

WHAT IS EMSCULPT? Emsculpt uses HIFEM Technology HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ELECTROMAGNETIC technology. The technology is unbeatable. If there was a better device out there, trust us me, I would know about it. With the EmSculpt technology, patients can reduce stubborn fat cells resistant to regular diet and exercise as well as increase muscle mass. This is focused specific energy that is used to cause a supramaximal contraction within the targeted muscle.This is a contraction that you will never achieve by yourself. 20,000 contractions within 30 minutes of treatments. It builds and creates new muscles fibres. It also strengthens existing muscle fibres. Examples of popular areas that can be treated are the abdomen and arms.

WHO'S IT FOR? This is not a treatment for weight loss; it’s best for individuals who are in good shape already and serves as an ‘icing on the cake’ treatment. I believe that this type of technology will do for the body, what Botox did for the face.

  • Men and Women

  • Wanting to reduce waist circumference slightly

  • Increase core strength

  • Build muscle

  • Burn fat

  • Better posture

  • Strength

  • Improve wellbeing

  • Relief from lower back pain/ sciatica

  • Gym users

  • Recovery

  • Pre/post operations (with guidance from surgeon) especially post-partum.

This treatment works best for people with a healthy an active lifestyle who want to improve core strength, body toning and loosing pockets of fat. If you are struggling with motivating yourself I work closely with Olivia from who is phenomenal at working out an exercise plan for you. This can be in the form of group classes or personal training with her team.

WHO CAN'T HAVE IT? People with Heart problems, Pace makers, Electronic implants, Mental implants, Drug pumps, Pregnancy, Epilepsy.


  • I would perform a full medical/lifestyle/diet consultation to see if you were a suitable candidate

  • Four treatments are performed initially in a two week period (sometimes 6)

WHEN WILL I SEE RESULTS? You may feel stronger within the 4 treatments and may begin to notice a sculpting or lifting effect but this process will take up to 3 months to fully see the benefits. Maintenance is advised if you like the effects of emsculpt. As with going to the gym... if you stop then the strength will reduce over time. You can have a Maintainenance treatment after 6 months if you liked the effects of Emscuplt. There is also no danger of overdoing the treatment...depending on your goals you could come once every 3 months or even every month!

IS IT PAINFUL? This is not a painful treatment, although there is intense sensation and you will feel like you’ve had a workout. When it first begins it may feel like a small fizzy feeling on the skin as the intensity is increased you will feel full muscle contraction. The stronger the muscle is naturally the stronger the contraction will be. From experience it's a 30 minutes well spent! I myself have tested out the Emsulpt. Due to its expense I needed to know if my patients would benefit from this treatment. On a personal note, as a dentist for the last 23 years I have regularly struggled with back ache and having two kids my core was not that strong. Knowing the health benefits of a strong core...that was my motivation to try. After the sessions my back ache had completely gone and a month on I feel stronger and slightly more toned.

Available at The Medished By DrDil:) Get in touch Via The Website to Book a Consultation.

With love, Dil

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