Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about new vitamin A product available here via The Medished. So let’s remind ourselves what Vitamin A actually is ..well it’s an important ingredient to target skin health. It reduces and prevents the appearance of fine lines, boosts collagen production, helps to clear breakouts and improves skin tone and texture. It's a must have skin ingredient in your night-time routine.

RETIVANCE is Obagis' new Vitamin A product by Dr Susan Obagi who is a world renown dermatologist and plastic surgeon practicing in the US who has released her own micro range of products with Obagi. She is the daughter of Beverly Hills based dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi... I mean how brainy is this family.. imagine the dinner table chat! The main focus of this particular product is for active ingredients BUT with purposeful exclusions.

Who is this product great for?

This product is for the patient who is conscious of reducing their chemical load on both their skin and the environment. Its also great for patients who want to use something stronger than a 1% retinol. Retivance really has active ingredients that work.. but with less irritation, less down time and less environmental and chemical exposure. It contains no sulphates or parabens as well as being an advanced form of antiageing.

So with that in mind it is suitable for ANY skin type, whether you have normal/oily or all the way up to sensitive skin including eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. This makes it a very unique Vitamin A product. This product is STRONGER THAN A RETINOL and closer to a tretinoin, but with a lower irritation profile. It contains retinaldihyde which is a precursor to retinoic acid (the strongest form of vitamin A) which apparently works 11 times faster than retinol! Retinaldehyde thou still a bit rare in many skin care lines. IT'S NOW AVAILABLE WITH OBAGI!

  • it's great for texture

  • it's for reducing fine lines and wrinkles

  • it improves pigmentation