New Product Line Available At The Medished By Dr Obagi's Daughter!

As a Medical Consultant, Dr. Suzan Obagi has partnered with Obagi Medical to develop the brand’s newest product line, SUZANOBAGIMD. She uses clinically studied, dermatologist-tested ingredients plus potent antioxidants to provide effective treatment with a gentle touch.

Suzan Obagi MD has a core message of Powerful ingredients with Purposeful Exclusions, so this really fits in with some peoples skin needs eg. Sensitive, reactive, diseased skin and/or fits into some peoples values for a less toxic load on the skin and better for the environment. So whether you want or need less chemicals in your products this is the range for you:)

I will now discuss two of my favourite products from the range:)

Intensive Daily Repair (IDR)- This is a light hydrating and exfoliating day lotion, perfect in AM after using Vitamin A at night, using Polyhydroxy acids and antioxidants which are super popular right now. It's priced at £85.

5 reasons why I love the Dr Suzan Obagi IDR - Intensive Daily Repair: 1- Helps keep pores unclogged and blemishes at bay 2- Helps to hydrate the skin without being heavy or greasy 3- Gluconolactone is a powerful antioxidant while Lactobionic Acid helps reduce the breakdown of collagen 4- Helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells 5- Formulated to be tolerated by most skin types, including sensitive skin

SOMD Retivance- Now this is a unique retinaldehyde formulation of VITAMIN A, but much more tolerable on the skin than Tretinoin or Retinol with fantastic results and less who doesn’t want that 😊. It is not just a Vitamin A, but also has peptides and antioxidants so a 3 in one item. Suitable for all skin types even anyone with rosacea or eczema. (see previous blog about it). Its priced at £165.

Which SUZANOBAGIMD product is right for me?