NEW Revision Skincare Now Available At The Medished! 2 Products You Need To Try!

Revision Skincare is a medical grade skincare line that is results based with high concentrations of ingredients that will actually improve and change your skin. If I had to dream up the the perfect skincare, it would be jam packed with active ingredients; be a favourite among dermatologists; keep skin’s pH and microbiome in good health and deliver awesome results.

All of Revision Skincare’s products are manufactured in the United States from high-quality ingredients that are responsibly and globally sourced. The process that Revision Skincare scientists use, requires the use of the highest standard of ingredients. They lead the industry with their innovative techniques such as using peptides and a microbiome technology for anti-ageing. This is why I have introduced them at The Medished. I will talk about two of my favourites from the range that will fit into my patients routines.

1) C+ Correcting Complex 30%

This serum that can be used in the morning, prior to your usual moisturiser and SPF. It has a light lotion consistency and absorbs easily into the skin. It would be great for my patients who wanted a change from their Obagi Professional-C Serum. I love how this complex is oil free and absorbs so quickly into my skin without any stickiness, as well as not causing any irritation.

It has a very high concentration, 30% of THD Ascorbic, which is the most stable form of Vitamin C available on the market. It's designed to help brighten the skin, and reduce any UV damage including dark sun spots, pigmentation and redness. Not all vitamin C products are equal... and there are plenty available out there trust me! While most brands use vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid, this formula uses 30% pure THD ascorbate which one of the highest-quality and most stable form of this potent antioxidant. It protects the skin against free radical damage that can cause premature ageing. It also contains brightening MelaPATH™ Technology for a more even-looking skin tone, and is formulated with a skin-neutral pH (so no stinging:)))

The MelaPATH™ technology illuminates, rejuvenates and fights free radical damage cau