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Obagi Skincare Products Now Available to Buy Online at The Medished’s E-Shop!

Run out of your Obagi Hydrate or your Obagi Professional-C serums and can’t get to the Medished ..? Fear not! Head to my website and order online and medical grade skincare will be delivered to your door with eco friendly packaging in 3-5 working days!

As an Obagi Ambassador I wanted to create an easy way for my existing patients to access their regular Obagi products from the comfort of their home or whilst on the go!

Obagi products can only be purchased from a medical prescriber and I’m super pleased to say that Obagi have given me the go-ahead to create my e-shop!

Regardless of your age or skin type, Obagi can help you reach your goals by offering you a full regime of products that work together in order to tackle your most pressing concerns and help you maintain a more radiant, youthful complexion.

Products available to purchase include ....

Gift vouchers 

Obagi Hydrate

Obagi hydrate lux 

Obagi Retinol 1%

Obagi Hydrafactor 

Obagi 360 Exfoliating Cleanser

Obagi 360 kit

Obagi Professional-C peptide Complex

Obagi Professional-C Suncare

Obagi Elastiderm Eye Treatment

Obagi Professional-C Serums 10%/15%/20%

Peel2glow by Aesthetic source.

Vitamin C just happens to be one of the most powerful weapons against aging skin. A natural ingredient, Vitamin C helps repair damage and protect the skin against further environmental assaults. You can find the strongest strength available in Obagi Professional-C Serum 20% its available to purchase on my e-shop! This is a stable serum that penetrates deeply to address multiple signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and discoloration. Apply it in the morning for all day protection against free radicals. This formula is for tolerant skin that is accustomed to Vitamin C treatments. Less tolerant skin types can turn to Obagi Professional-C Serum 15% strength, an effective serum in a lower does that is less likely to cause irritation to more delicate skin types.

The skin around the eye is quite thin and therefore very susceptible to wrinkling and sagging. It is absolutely vital to choose a treatment specifically formulated for this area. Obagi ELASTIderm Eye Treatment Cream uses a patented technology which improves firmness and elasticity around the eyes. The formula also smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles, making a noticeable difference in just a couple of months. The results are cumulative with continued use of the cream.

Retinoids are a class of synthetic and naturally occurring Vitamin A compounds and derivatives that include retinol and retinoic acid, which are naturally occurring in humans.1 Some retinoids, such as retinoic acid (tretinoin), are available with a prescription only. Other retinoids, such as retinols, are cosmetic.

My favourite product is the Obagi 1% Retinol.A higher concentration retinol formula improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture with minimal irritation.

Happy Shopping ...and remember if you need any advice prior to purchasing please do not hesitate to contact me more more information!

With love DrDil

A point to note however.. Prescriptive products such as Obagi Nu-Derm system and Obagi CRX system are available to purchase in clinic as they require a Face to Face consultation and prescription prior to purchase.

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Apr 10, 2021

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