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Peri/Menupausal Skin - Aesthetic Trends... What Treatments Are Actually Worth It?

So what are the aesthetic trends for 2022 for patients around peri/post menopause which are actually worth it? I get many questions in clinic so I thought I'd put some of my answers down into a blog for some easy reading with the relevant links for more information!

In my opinion, patients’ desire to achieve skin health will continue to be a huge trend in 2022. The skin health focus is here to stay, partly due to a greater awareness of the fantastic range of treatments available to transform a patient’s skin. Healthy glowing skin is here to stay so visiting an expert to access topical actives is a great investment alongside your skin health injectables like Profhilo and radio frequency such as the Evoke treatment for skin tightening.

If you want to make a resolution on skin maintenance, what should it be and why?

Be consistent with a medical grade skincare routine. Achieving optimum skin health takes time and commitment. Be sure to include Vitamin A,B,C and SPF in your daily regime. Its important to take advice so you can have a tailor made program that is customised to you.

With regards to skincare ,The Obagi Nuderm system is fantastic for a transformational skin health result in the comfort of your own home. Consultation is essential to access these products.

If you want something non-invasive but effective, what's worth trying in 2022?

Radio frequency in aesthetic medicine has gained popularity due to its skin tightening and collagen stimulating benefits.  Evoke is a game changing device that is hands, comfortable and contours the lower face and chin.

This treatment is great for patients who have started to see the signs of ageing but are not ready for a more invasive non surgical treatment or other surgical intervention. It can also be used as an add-on for patients already having tweakments as no other treatment, such as injectables, will be as good without skin tightening. Radio frequency is the holy grail for skin tightening so it’s excellent for people seeing signs of skin laxity. Evoke is developed to help with jowl and chin fat reduction while remodelling the skin. It therefore lifts the skin and defines the lower face giving an elevating effect. Who doesn’t want a tighter lower face and contoured jawline:))

What skin resolutions are worth trying to stick to - not just for 2022 but always for mature skin specific?

So a daily SPF is a must to protect the skin against harmful UVA/UVB and HEV that can cause premature ageing. In my opinion vitamin A is the holy grail for anti-ageing as well. Harmonal changes in mature skin can cause skin issues. Vitamin A reduces and prevents the appearance of fine lines, boosts collagen production, improves skin tone/texture and helps to clear breakouts.

What is and isn't essential for mature skin? Especially in Jan/Feb winter months?

The cold weather outside coupled with heated homes inside can dry out mature skin. Preparing the skin with a gentle cleanser that’s cleaning the skin without over stressing the skin barrier is essential. Secondly, rehydrating the skin with a good moisturiser puts lipids back into the skin, so at this time of year, replace light moisturisers with something richer and more intense. A particular favourite of mine is Obagi Hydrate Lux.

Alongside this, exfoliating 2/3 times a week will ensure the dead skin is removed so skin looks fresh and bright whilst allowing actives to penetrate deeper.

Winter is a good opportunity to strip back your skincare routine to the essentials. A good moisturiser, SPF, retinoid, an antioxidant (Vit C) and an exfoliator. Toners, eye creams are fantastic, but if your on a budget they are not essential in my opinion.

Can you explain a good routine for mature skin and why?

As we get older, our skins becomes thinner as collagen stores reduce. Mature skin is even more prone to sun damage so the most important element of any routine is the daily application of SPF, even in the winter months!

The key factor in achieving skin health is keeping in touch with your aesthetic practitioner. They will advise you what treatments are best for you and create you a bespoke treatment plan.

Radio frequency with Evoke triggers collagen production which is a protein that naturally diminishes as we age. So with this treatment it's about the long term. Results keep getting better within 3-6 months after the course of treatments. Evoke is all about long-term results as we are gradually creating new collagen which contributes to skin tightening.  The hope is, after a course of treatments, all you will need is maintenance.

You can also continue with your other skin treatments like micro needling with Skinpen and Profhilo (dubbed the ‘injectable moisturiser’) as your results will be amplified. So in summary combination treatments are best as we need need a multi pronged approach to achieve aesthetic goals in mature skin.

What are some non-scary options for healthy, younger skin that won't intimidate a mature audience?

A bespoke skincare routine prescribed by an expert is a great place to start my advice is to be consistent and patient… results will come!

A course of Evoke treatments are great for the mature patients. From a patient’s point of view it’s a very comfortable and relaxing treatment. They can relax while getting the treatment done as it feels like a hot stone massage, hence stimulating collagen production in your face with no pain! As we age our face changes and gets heavier in the jowl area. The design of Evoke is very specific as it has two different applicators, one that targets the jowls and cheeks and the other one that targets the chin area.

Profhilo is a stabilised form of the miracle hydrating molecule; hyaluronic acid. When injected, it stimulates the skin’s natural synthesis of collagen for plumped and firmed up skin. It’s a great treatment especially for mature skin and for patients nervous about aesthetic treatments as there is very little downtime but gives you glowing hydrated skin.

What hype can everyone ignore for 2022 around mature skin?

I would say that expensive facial oils are a hype that people can ignore.. mature skin doesn’t need oil on the surface of the skin … It need to be hydrated from within with bespoke aesthetic treatments; medical grade skincare and Profhilo

I hope you've found this informative!

With Love,

Dil x

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