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Supercharge Your Morpheus8 or Skinpen Microneedling Using Klardie Skin Boosters.

Hi everyone! Today we are going to take a deep dive into a new product launch coming to the Medished. Hansbiomed has launched Klardie in the UK which is a Korean cosmeteutical and skinbooster range inspired by the fundamentals of Korean science and aesthetic medicine. We know how amazing Korean skincare is as it's taken the UK by storm in the last few years due to the amazing R&D - we all want that glass skin look don't we! So lets talk about the two skin boosters we can use in clinic after any RF microneedling treatment with Morpheus8 or regular microneedling using the Skinpen.

The Cellup solutions are mesotherapy based cocktails which can be applied or micro needled into the skin. There are two types of premixed sterile cocktails - the Cellup Dia (black) and the Cellup Ruby (red) - both which offer different indications for the patient.

A point to note: The Klardie skin boosters can be used as stand alone treatment without any Morpheus8/Skinpen treatments if you wish. The products can just be applied into your skin over 3 sessions at 2 week intervals! "Awaken your skins radiance with a biosolution"


The technology of both solutions that sets them apart from other products is the Hyalusome technology. So what does that actually mean… well it’s multilayered encapsulated hyaluronic acid making it a DVS( divinyl sulphone) cross-linked superficial skin booster. This means increased longevity of the product ( patients have reported glowing skin for longer) and also less product needed as a result - its important to note though that DVS is a non residual cross linking agent so you won’t get any over correction of the skin... just a beautiful glow post treatment, faster healing time and increased collagen production.

Cellup Dia - (black) a 3ml vial - great for general rejuvenation, its anti-inflammatory and offers intense moisturisation of the skin, so a great all rounder We advise 3 sessions to have tangible improvements of the skin. Key ingredients include Hyalusome - contains 27mg HA, low dose polynucleotides, amino acids, vitamins and peptides.

Cellup Ruby - (red) a 3 ml vial great for anti pigmentation and skin brightening so perfect for anyone with any photo damage. It contains the Hyalusome - contains 6mg HA, Glutathione, Niacinamide and Tranexamic acid and Ascorbic Glucoside so great for dull, dry skin, pigmentation and redness and blemishes. Due to its different powerhouse ingredients it has a much more targeted action on the melanocytes to reduce pigmentation.


When you are coming into clinic for a Morpheus8 RF microneedling or a Skinpen treatment you have the option of adding either of the Cellup solutions into your treatment plan to maximise your skin glow, increase collagen/elastin production and improve healing potential. The solutions can be placed on top of the skin once your RF is completed or needled in during your Skinpen treatment. When incorporating skin boosters this way, the recommended number is 3 sessions.

So in conclusion, the Klardie skin boosters are a highly innovative Korean skin rejuvenating technology backed by excellent clinical studies and R&D - which makes us very excited to have them at The Medished!

With love,

Dil x

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