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The Medi-Shed 2.0 is officially open! Hurray!

Hi everyone,

I am delighted to share with you the news that The Medi-Shed 2.0 is now officially open! The restoration of this listed building has taken 9 months to give it back it's original glow. It has been a LABOUR OF LOVE and taking it on in it's negelcted state was a very scary decision! However it's all complete now for us all to enjoy. Below is a snapshot of the interiors styled with 'Alice in Wonderland' in mind:)

Did you know? that The Medi-Shed 2.0 used to be a dispensing chemist in the olden days.

Built in the mid nineteenth century, the terrace is Grade Il listed and has so much history within the building. One of the features that attracted me to this building was the original listed sign 'Prescriptions Prepared' (I'm prescribing all day!) in a building that was really neglected. I used to pass this building daily on the school run as we used to live down the road. The shelving is all original and we had many debates to work out what to do with them - in the end this is what I decided in the picture above. We have tried to restore and display as many original features as possible to make this building shine again and have been overwhelmed by the local support and praise. The apothecary bottles displayed are all original and there are boxes and boxes of them! Two jars we found even has my name on it - 'DIL' (probably short for dilutions!) so this property was meant for me:)

I've been able to express my creative side to hopefully create something special where patients attending will feel happy.  I hope you enjoy the clinic's elegant and inviting ambience, coupled with my medical expertise. There isn't a medical aesthetic clinic that looks quite like it! The Medi-Shed aims to restore beauty and inner wellbeing through personalised patient plans using cutting edge treatments, medical grade skincare, supplements and the very best in medical aesthetic technology.

We had our first patient event where many patients experienced the new Medi-Shed with an elderflower cordial or a Prosecco! We had 3 OBAGI specialists on site to launch our NEW consultation tool - Observ 520x which helps me make more informed decisions when choosing treatment plans and selecting the right products for you. Many skin concerns arise in the deeper skin layers and only become more visible over time. Many patients even booked in for skintrinsiq facials too. It was a great success so we will definitely have these events 3 times a year so don't worry if you missed out! Below is a snippet of a lovely some lovely patients enjoying and jiving whilst having an Obagi skintrinsiq facial and skin scanning in clinic:)

Did you know?  The Medi-Shed 2.0 has its own 'SECRET GARDEN' We can use this

space to hold educational and fun events, chill out, enjoy a cuppa tea, have conversation and connection, have a stretch and even exercise, bringing the community together - a local community l've been part of for the last 25 years!

Nothing comes easy in life - but effort is always rewarded - that's the phrase my kids hear on repeat:) We are restoring wellness through medical aesthetics - It's time to upgrade your skin forever!

I can't wait to welcome you on your next visit to The Medi-Shed 2.0

With love,

Dil x

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