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Obagi 360 Kit

An ideal introduction to medical grade skincare-a complete approach to protecting and preserving youthful looking skin.


Exfoliating Cleanser 
Works to help clear clogged pores thatcan cause dull, dry, uneven skin. Works to thoroughly cleanse the skin to reveal a soft, smooth, radiant complexion. 


Retinol 0.5 
This entrapped form of retinol is gradually released, refining the appearance of skin texture and tone for clearer-looking skin with minimal irritation. Effectively minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 


HydraFactor - Broad Spectrum SPF 30
A dual-function moisturiser with soothing ingredients and broad-spectrum protection to help prevent skin damage caused by UVA/UVB rays.


OBAGI360 benefits:

• Dull skin tone and uneven texture
• The look of minimal fine lines and wrinkles 
• Visible pore size
• Dry skin
• The appearance of blemishes
• Loss of skin radiance and resiliency


Obagi 360 Kit

SKU: 364215376135191
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  • Any products containing retinol(vitaminA) (eg. Retinol 1% and the Obagi360)

    Despite the low risk in studies, experts still suggest pregnant women avoid applying vitamin A-based formulations to their skin during pregnancy and to avoid use if breastfeeding.
    Also avoid retinol if There is Liver or kidney disease,Problems with alcohol abuse,Acne vulgaris or Conditions that affect your ability to absorb nutrients from food.

    *All medical conditions need to be discussed with me prior to purchasing products*

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