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Can Botox Make Me Feel Happier?

I appreciate the title of this blog can be controversial and be quite thought provoking. This blog is dedicated to what I see in my practice and how many of my patients botox treatments in recent times are deemed as being a medical indication in my professional opinion. The latest thinking around Botox is that it can potentially remedy more than just your wrinkles...

An Amazing Discovery-Fun Fact

I recently attended the BCAM conference( British College Of Aesthetic Medicine) where one of the key note speakers was Dr Jean Carruthers. You may be thinking... who is this woman? Well this wonderful occuluplastic surgeon pioneered the cosmetic use of 'botulinum A neurotoxin' back in the 80's due to a fortuitous discovery on one of her patients who needed the toxin to alleviate a blepharospasm (muscle spasm). After she treated this patient, she noted that it also softened the lines in her face. Her discovery played a pivotal role in the speciality of aesthetic medicine being born, the industry I'm grateful enough to practice in. She is famously quoted as saying that she hasn't frowned since 1987!

Images credit Carrutherscosmetic

Let’s face it, we could all benefit from being in a better mood, especially after the last couple of years. Many of us who are usually happy go lucky by nature are now feeling a bit weary and worn down from the fast paced modern day living, post pandemic fatigue, cost of living crisis, raising a family, health issues, family troubles, peri and post menopause to name a few!

Cosmetic and Medical Botox

Everyone knows that Botox has been used for preventing and smoothing away fine lines & wrinkles. You might also be aware that it is super effective for the treatment of excessive sweating, migraines and teeth grinding.

Botox and Mood Elevation

Multiple research studies prove that facial expressions can actually influence mood. Basically, their theory suggests that because Botox affects muscles used for frowning, getting Botox injections can make people frown less and thus feel happier. It’s all part of a growing trend in health care that focuses on behavioral changes.

A common symptom in patients who are stressed and feeling low, is that the activity of their Glabellar (frown) muscles that cause frowns is very much increased. Carefully administered Botox injections to this area may result in an improvement in their mental health. Patients also look happier and more rested which in turn leads to more positive connections with others in the home and work place.

Not only does Botox help you feel better because you look better, but studies have actually shown decreased levels of depression (more happiness) in people within a few weeks of Botox administration. This effect lasted up to 24 weeks in one study. It is thought to be due to a 'facial feedback' system where frowning decreases the release of endorphins and other “happy” hormones. Smiling or relaxed muscles increases the release of these hormones.

I’m here to tell you that you can choose to have Botox for happiness, to preserve your good skin, or to appear rested when you are anything but!

And Finally I'd like to touch on the topic below...

The Stigma Associated With Botox Injections

I’m 48, post menopause and want/need (for my job) to stay looking age appropriate. I generally advise combination treatments for most patients. This is not so much about which or how many treatments I’ve had, but more about being open.

I still see so many patients that still feel like they can’t discuss that they have botox treatments to their peers, friends or family as unfortunately medical aesthetics still gets a bad rep. I can see why.. as there is so many examples of bad treatment out there. Interestingly the younger generation have zero guilt about treatments being discussed and treat injectables as self care and normal, however the boomers ( like me!) still feel guilty about investing in treatments. Shame of having aesthetic treatments is much more prevalent in the older demographic. Of course it’s YOUR choice what you disclose.

Be rest assured if you are a patient here at the Medished all treatments are carried out in a medically safe and completely confidential environment.

If you have treatments carried out by a good, safe clinician who has YOUR best interests at heart to help you enhance your natural beauty so YOU feel better then I see no harm? When patients hide treatments amongst their peers and friends I would think this can be very stressful.

I feel people in the public eye should also be honest to public who follow them. We are all going to age, some may have had help along the way and that should be OK whether you choose to do so or not. People should not judge each other.. life is complicated enough! We dye our hair, go to the gym, eat well and so on.. then looking after your face is no different in my opinion.

So if you choose to have Botox treatments that make you feel better and happier (studies show it does)... celebrate it, IF you choose to:)

With Love,

Dil x

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