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Keep your FACE SAFE... Dr Dil goes platinum. The importance of accreditation in aesthetics

Hi everyone! I wanted to share some good news after our 7th year being a save face accredited practice... Did you know we are PLATINUM STATUS! Save face enables members of the public to gain a good overall insight into our clinic when they visit our profile and read our huge number of reviews. THANKYOU to every single patients that chooses The Medished - we are very grateful for your support!


Save Face is the register of choice for safe, ethical and qualified medical aesthetic practitioners. Through rigorous assessment and an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards, Save-face connects the public with safe practitioners who use safe accredited products purchased from licensed pharmacies and practice in safe clinics. We have been through a rigorous 116 point assessment process. Public safety is at the heart of everything they do and they are committed to doing the right thing by raising standards and awareness especially in the current climate of malpractice by non-medical practitioners.

If you have time please leave a review on my Saveface page I’d really appreciate it:)

A point to note... If a treatment is not in your best interest I will say. If something if not in my capabilities I will refer. I am personally committed to lifelong learning in the field of medical aesthetics as it’s such a vast speciality from skin, injectables, anatomy, medical devices and much more!! This is so I can offer my patients some of the best and safest treatments, and I will continue to invest in the best technology. Unfortunately the aesthetics industry is unregulated in this country - so patients can end up suffering. Some people call them themselves experts after a training course of two.. I feel far from an ‘expert’ and feel like after over 10 years I’ve still got so much to learn - and the more I learn the more risk averse I become.

I strive for a truly holistic and consultative approach – I take the time to do a full hour consultation to truly understand your skin and ageing concerns, and build a bespoke regime based on my years of industry expertise. Positive Ageing with SAFETY in mind is the way forward!

Much training is needed to become a good and SAFE injector. Save Face are seeing a dramatic increase in problem cases so it’s really important to do your research. It's important to choose your injector wisely with good medical knowledge, reversal drug on site and the ability to use and deal with complications if needed.

And as for ‘winning in life - tongue in cheek - like most of us the struggle to juggle is real! Running a small business is a 7 day job... luckily I love my work:) Effort rewarded!

With Love,

Dil x

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