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Radiofrequency Skin Tightening With Evoke... Q And A!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

EVOKE is a game changing device that is hands free and comfortable which contours the face with radio frequency for skin tightening. When we are young our faces will look like an upward triangle , as we age we begin to see signs of gravity as the lower ⅓ of our face becomes heavier in the jowls and sub-mental (under the chin) areas. The middle ⅓ of our face also looses volume and we can experience gravitational and skeletal changes. Luckily there some options here at the Medished that can help you feel and look your best!


Radiofrequency has been around for a 100 years in medicine and it works predictably. Its use in aesthetic medicine has gained popularity due to skin tightening benefits and collagen production. Evoke uses bipolar electromagnetic currents that travels through tissue. As it does, it generates heat through resistance. It can used on any skintype/tone/colour, unlike lasers, which is great as there won't be any pigmentation issues for patients. Radiofrequency improves skin laxity through controlled heat stimulating increased collagen production and reorganisation of elastin and neo collagenesis (new collagen).


This treatment is great for a group of patients that have started to see the signs of ageing but are not ready for more invasive non surgical treatment or other surgical intervention. It can also be used as an add on on patients already having tweakments as no other treatment such as injectables will be as good with skin tightening. Radiofrequency is the holy grail for skin tightening so its excellent for people seeing signs skin laxity. Evoke is developed to help with jowl and sub-mental fat reduction while remodelling the skin. It therefore lifts the skin and defines the lower face giving an elevating effect.


This technology supersedes other devices as Evoke has control over the energy being delivered with the use of artificial intelligence. This gives the device more control, makes it more safe and most importantly, the ability to deliver more uniform and bulk heating of the facial tissue which is key to its effectiveness. There is also a safety button which the patient has in hand too, allowing you to pause the treatment if needed.

From a patient’s point of view it’s a very comfortable and relaxing treatment, you can work on your laptop or read a book while getting the treatment and take some time out of our busy fast paced life whilst stimulating collagen production in your face!

If we treat your skin with a lower temperature , that will allow me to treat for a longer period of time allowing more collagen synthesis. Evoke will be then stimulating your fibroblast cells to reproduce. EVOKE technology utilises the advantage of time over tissue with heat stimulation to lead to better results.

Now as we age our face changes and gets heavier in the jowl area. The design of Evoke is very specific as it has two different applicators, one that targets the jowls and cheeks and the other one that targets the submental area.

EVOKE is really giving patients treatment in the most valuable areas where patients will notice the most impact.

There are four electrodes on each cheek applicator and two on the chin applicator, allowing the radiofrequency energy to move in between therefore mimicking what you would be getting from a therapist, however in a more controlled and uniform manner.


With evoke we can FULLY customise your treatment plan according to YOUR face. Consultation is key. With some patients we can do a 15 minute treatment on the cheek and a 15 minute on the chin area for 6 sessions a week apart. For others we can do longer sessions like 30 mins cheek and 30 mins chin for 3 sessions every 2 weeks. It all really depends on your starting point and long term goals. It's a great option for positive ageing.

Evoke aims to get your skin temperature to around 42-43°C, and once reached it keeps the temperature very consistent. The experience is like a hot stone massage on your face.. so very relaxing! Collagen is a protein so takes time to form; results can be seen at 3 months and one session every 3/6 months are needed to maintain results. As with any non surgical aesthetic treatment we don't guarantee results as each patient will react slightly differently but the technology is certainly able to deliver highly effective radiofrequency for skin tightening. Most patients with realistic expectations will be happy after a course of treatments.


Yes Evoke works on fat reduction by reducing the size of the fat cells, It mobilises the fatty acids in the cells therefore reducing them in size.

In my opinion the end goal for the patient is to look and feel better after treatment. Radio-frequency actually does a number of things biologically in synergy. The thermal energy of EVOKE does remodel soft tissue by tightening skin, increasing collagen and remodelling fat. I wouldn’t use it as a fat destruction treatment however, as I believe that fat cells are healthy and provide a great support for the skin/dermis.. but more to remodel the jowls so it may look like you have less fat, but actually it's tightened your skin. Patients wanting subsequent filler injections will need less product which is a bonus. You can also continue with your other skin health treatments like micro needling with Skinpen and profhilo as your results will be amplified.


The important take home message is that radiofrequency is very safe for patients. How long results last is a very common question from patients with any aesthetic procedure. I can tell you that EVOKE is developing your collagen which is a protein that naturally diminishes as we age. So, with this treatment it's about the long game. Results keep getting within 3-6 months after the course. EVOKE is all about long-term results as we are gradually creating new collagen which contributes to skin tightening... the hope is, after a course of treatments all you will need is maintenance. Maintenance can be a one off treatment every 3-6 months or another course depending on your goals but it is patient dependant:).

Look good, feel your best. Enjoy wellness at The Medished!

With love,

Dil x

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