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Microneedling at home with AnteAGE MD is the perfect compliment to your anti-ageing arsenal!

While the anti-ageing benefits of professional, clinical microneedling are well-documented, little is known about the power of at-home shallow depth skin rolling (needling).. until now!

I only try to bring the best scientifically tested products to the The Medished... and I'm pleased to say that there are excellent clinical results and studies with this kit by AnteAGE MD. I mean we are all currently 'following the science' aren't we... so lets dive in and see why this product is so good:)


AnteAGE MD is a brand focused on bottled growth factors. The company was set up 10 years ago by two doctors with a vision for the possibilities of stem cell science.


Growth factors are naturally occurring in our bodies and they facilitate wound healing, skin regeneration, collagen production and a reduction in inflammation. They are used in aesthetics to boost treatment results and reduce clinical downtime. The bottled growth factors are created through science from human bone marrow stem cells. They can regenerate SKIN and HAIR.

NOTE: The stem cells are sourced only from the bone marrow of young, healthy, pre-screened adult donors. Stem cell cytokines also contain none of the original cell parts themselves, only the beneficial growth factors they produce! Awesome yes?


While needling at any depth does allow enhanced product penetration, it is not an open invitation to apply anything one desires. The AnteAGE Home Microneedling Solution is designed specifically for this purpose, and it contains the most potent, human-derived growth factors that amplify the anti-aging benefits of the rolling, in an extremely safe fashion.

These superficial depths of penetration not only allow your skin to release its own native regenerative proteins, known as growth factors and cytokines, but the channels created allow topical nutrients to be absorbed 400% better.


The AnteAGE Home Needling kit is a great go-between your homecare products and your clinical treatments. The kit will provide you with 10x facial treatments and comes with a HIGH QUALITY 0.25mm needle roller and two growth factor roller-vials, to use for treatment. (really important as there are many terrible ones on the market so be careful!)

Shallow depth needling performed once a week, allows your skin to essentially "reboot" itself and is the perfect complement to your daily anti-aging arsenal!


The kit comes with a microneedling roller and two vials of home microneedling solution, packed with all the growth factors you need to easily target:

🔹 Fine Lines and Wrinkles⠀

🔹 Sagging Skin⠀

🔹 Texture and Tone⠀

🔹 Pore Size⠀

🔹 Discoloration⠀


I advise you to use this kit once a week or twice a month if time poor like me!

Firstly use the roller growth factor serum on the face, you don't need much. Then I recommend the cross hatch technique.... rolling horizontal and vertical four times in the same spot. Be sure to lift the roller when changing directions to avoid dragging the skin. Lastly finish with another layer of the serum... and then go to bed and allow your skin to regenerate!

For best practice, remember:

  • Not to push hard (when finished, skin should only be light pink)

  • If you have irritation, stop needling and take a break for about a week (allowing your skin to acclimate to the growth factors).

  • Clean roller thoroughly before and after each use.

  • Throw away the roller after the ten uses.

So to conclude home rolling/needling can be used to greatly improve skin texture and get rid of pesky lines and wrinkles. Apply AnteAGE growth factors to really amp up the results in between your professional treatments.💪✨ Available via The Medished for £135. Get in touch via the website to purchase:). I hope you found this informative.

With love,

Dil x

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