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Super-Charge Your SkinPen Microneedling With Growth Factors by AnteAGE MD

If you love your Skinpen treatment but want to really enhance it and get even better results than you had before, now is the time to add in the AnteAGE growth factors! You will see an immediate benefit with less downtime after your treatment so you can go back to your normal routine by the morning after. At around the week mark your skin will have a really nice glow and a freshness to it, will become plumper and you will just feel like your skin is more filtered when you have no make-up.


Growth factors are naturally occurring proteins in the body that facilitate wound healing and regeneration. They are used in medical aesthetics to boost skin renewal results and reduce clinical downtime. Anteage MD are the latest growth factor products that are available here in the UK and they are made in the States in California. They are the only brand who make all their growth factor products on site.


AnteAGE growth factors are created from the human bone marrow stem cell tissue. These growth factors are bioidentical and they are re-replicated in the same way that human insulin is made for diabetic patients. This is called recombinant technology. This is the gold standard for tissue sourcing to generate growth factors for bottled productions. They are potent and anti-inflammatory to ensure that wound healing occurs sufficiently and quickly, but allowing a full wound healing cycle to occur enabling your skin to get maximum anti-ageing benefits.


  • When you microneedle with stem cell growth factors, you can see great results in minimising crow's feet, glabellar lines (11's) and forehead lines.

  • This is due to the collagen stimulating effect of the microchannels the needles create, as well as the optimized cell communicaton that occurs due to the growth factor proteins.

  • You will recover much faster (40 to 50%) less downtime and skin health results will be seen quicker.

  • You will have more benefits such as improvement in lines and wrinkles further beyond what you would’ve achieved with Skinpen alone.

  • You will also have improvement in brightness in colour of the skin texture and in the firmness of the skin.

Your growth factor post micro-needling home care kit can be utilised on its own or you can incorporate it with the current products you are already using to maximise your home care; aiding skin health results.


Topical annathestic is used to numb up your skin initially. The growth factors will then be applied and I will micro-needle with the Skinpen. This will follow with another layer of growth factors. Included with the treatment is a stem cell aftercare kit which contains a weeks worth of home care products to ensure that you recover quickly with all the growth factor goodness that you need going onto your skin:)

The kit contains three products that you’re going to use over the next week. These include your hyaluronic acid, serum 1 and accelerator 2 of the skin duo set. Immediately after your treatment your going to apply your hyaluronic acid as and when needed for the first 24 hours. Then you will use the serum and accelerator twice a day for the next 7 days. Pool both products in your hand and apply am/pm across your whole face. Ensure that in the daytime you are wearing your SPF!

With Love,

Dil x

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