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The 'Medished by DrDil' is a SaveFace Accredited Clinic..what does that actually mean?

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

As well as being a cosmetic dentist, I'm a non surgical aesthetic doctor and the medical director of 'The Medished By DrDil'

So....I am @saveface accredited! what does that mean??

It means my patients can be confident in the fact that I've been strictly assessed by this government approved body. As a patient, you can have peace of mind that you will be treated with the best standard of care, my qualifications and training regularly checked, emergency drugs will be on site and the environment will be clean and safe.

The register is a accredited by the Professional Standards Authority and is recognised by the government, the Department Of Health, NHS England and the Care Quality don't take any unnecessary risks with your health and appearance!

There are also genuine reviews from my real patients visiting the Medished on the @saveface you can feel confident that others have had a positive experience too....infact I have had more than 50 5 star ratings so I have received EXCELLENCE STATUS!

I'm always happy to help you feel your best, be rest assured your safety and health are my number one priority:))

With love DrDil:))

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